Thursday, January 17, 2008

Heringer Marine Adds Calabria Tournament Boats to its Product Family

On Friday December 12, 2007 Clark heringer (owner of Heringer Marine) mad ethe initial verbla agreement with Bob Jessen (president of Calabria Boats) to add Calabria to the family of product lines represented. "...this will add to the available options for our customers looking to get into an extremely well put together competition / tournament wakeboard / ski boat" says Heringer. "After entertaining offers and even having the availability to take on another well known popular line represented by another dealer'" he continues "...we found through out past year of research on quality, performance, and comparison that Calbria meets and exceed the charicteristics of the "big names."" Heringer Marine has the recent test results comparing the"big names" available at the dealership to check out.
They will make thier debut duing the boat show at the South Towne Expo Center February 20-24, 2008. "If people will truly look at the quality of the boats, what they deliver, and what you truly getting for what you're spending - there is no question that people will be impressed at what you get with Calabria. Sure, you can spend 10, 15, & even 20+thousand more for the same size of boat with the same or less options on one of the "big / trendy names", but why would you want to spend that much more money for a name that doesn't deliver anything more and maybe less than a Calabria?"
Buy it for the boat and what it delivers. Don't buy the boat for the 'Jones'es'.